Our History

Our History

Historical background of the school

The parents of four Local primary schools: Makongeni Primary schools; Kaloleni Primary School, St. John Primary School and Joseph Apudo Primary School and SMC School management committee came together with the idea of starting a secondary school in Makongeni.

Makongeni Secondary School was established in 2006. Its establishment was largely through the efforts of;

  • Mr. Humprey Aludha Essendi – Chairman Makongeni Primary School
  • Mr. Michael Mogonzo – Chairman Kaloleni primary school
  • Mary Omondi – Chairlady Joseph Apudo Primary School

They managed to secure the registration of the school in August 2006 for a one stream school. The school officially started in March 2007 with the appointed of Mr. David Omondi on the 28/2/2007 when he was presented to the steering committee members by the Provincial staffing officer, Nairobi Province.

On  the  1st    of  March  2007,  the  newly  posted  Principal  was  given  a  room  within

Makongeni Primary school from where he started operating. The first form one student reported on 16/3/2007 but was admitted on 19/3/2007. Only three students had reported by end of first term on the 6/4/2007. Beginning of the second term two BOG teachers were recruited. They were Mr. Kevin Owade (Chemistry/Biology) and Purity Mugambi (Mathematics/Physics/English). The first TSC teacher reported on 19/7/2007, Mrs.   Frida Waswa (Kiswahili/ CRE). Mrs. Tryphosa Nyakundi while on teaching practice assisted in teaching Geography, Business studies, Kiswahili & Music.  Mrs.  Chepsiror Basemate was posted to the school towards the end of second term and reported on the 3/9/2007 to teach English. The school grew from 16 students in 2007, the number increased to 60 by January 2008 with seven teachers, 5 TSC and 2 BOM. Due to free secondary education in 2009 the number of students increased to 330 and in 2010 the number increased to 495. The catchment area of the school is largely the slums of Eastlands.

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